Package Continues Work to Restore Local Control of Arizona Lands

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, U.S. Senator Martha McSally introduced a second package of lands bills to restore local control of Arizona lands to counties and cities throughout the state.

“I am pleased to introduce this second lands exchange package today and keep the momentum going on restoring local control of Arizona lands,” Sen. McSally said. “In these circumstances, restoring local control will allow community stakeholders to best utilize available resources in order to create economic growth and expand educational and recreational opportunities in the state. I am proud that these efforts have been made in a bipartisan, bicameral fashion, and I plan to continue this work.”

The bills introduced include:

1.     The Lowell Observatory Conveyance Act - the bill would remove an outdated Forest Service restriction on a one-square mile parcel of land owned by Lowell Observatory. The Observatory needs a clear title to the land in order to construct a second access road on Mars Hill as the current mountain road is too narrow for the increasing visitor traffic.

2.     The Black Mountain Range and Bullhead City Land Exchange Act – the bill would authorize Bullhead City to donate the 1,100-acre mountainous property currently owned by the City to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in exchange for 345.2 acres of land in Bullhead City held by the Bureau of Reclamation. The city is requesting the proposed land exchange in order to increase access to boating and water recreation sports, incorporate public parks and trails, and improve habitat conservation.  

3.      The Embry-Riddle Tri-City Land Exchange Completion Act – the bill would remove the outdated reversionary clause from a parcel of vacant land that is located adjacent to their campus at the NEC of Willow Creek Road and Heritage Park Road in Prescott, Arizona. The removal of this unnecessary restriction would allow for new economic development opportunities.

Upon introduction of the bill, Embry-Riddle University President Dr. P. Barry Butler provided the following statement:

“Embry Riddle is grateful to Representatives Gosar and Waltz, Senator McSally and the other members of the Florida and Arizona delegations for their continued efforts to promote economic development. By removing the historic restriction on a small parcel of land located adjacent to our Prescott Campus, we will be able to strengthen our university, support local economic development and most importantly focus on our primary mission of providing much needed talent to the aviation aerospace industry.”