U.S. SENATE – U.S. Senator Martha McSally (R-AZ) tonight voted once again to protect Americans with pre-existing conditions. Unfortunately, the Protect Act that McSally introduced was blocked by Senate Democrats.

“Tonight, I voted again to guarantee protections for Americans with pre-existing conditions,” McSally said. “Chuck Schumer and Democrats, however, blocked the bill on the Senate floor. Instead of standing up for the American people, Democrats once again turned their backs on them. I will continue to fight for Arizonans with pre-existing conditions, many of whom can't afford health insurance right now. Let's come together on initiatives like Association Health Plans so small businesses and individuals can band together to access health insurance like big businesses do.”

“Earlier this month, I successfully fought to include language protecting Americans with pre-existing conditions in the Senate’s targeted coronavirus relief package. Sadly, Senate Democrats blocked this too. It seems they will always choose scoring a political point over providing relief for the American people they represent.”


Senator McSally successfully fought to include protections for individuals with pre-existing conditions in the Senate’s targeted COVID-19 relief package. On September 10, Senator McSally voted to pass that package.

The Protect Act that Senator McSally introduced would:

  • Guarantee the availability of health insurance coverage in the individual or group market, regardless of pre-existing conditions.
  • Prohibit discrimination against patients based on health status – including prohibiting increased premiums for patients due to pre-existing conditions.
  • Prohibit insurance companies from excluding coverage of treatments for a beneficiary’s pre-existing condition.