In addition, McSally highlights China’s continued Coronavirus cover-up

U.S. SENATE – U.S. Senator Martha McSally (R-AZ) spoke with Fox Business’s Stuart Varney this morning about the urgent need to increase funding for the Payment Protection Program and the letter she sent to the World Health Organization on Tuesday requesting information about its role in the Chinese government’s coronavirus cover-up. 

Watch her interview HERE and see excerpts below:


STUART VARNEY: Good morning. What's the holdup with new help for small business? Can you do anything about it? 

SEN. MARTHA MCSALLY: The holdup is Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. As of yesterday over $250 billion of the $350 billion that we provided to provide immediate relief to small businesses in forgivable loans, to keep people on the payroll, keep them from going under, so these jobs exist when we get on the other side, over $250 billion is already been apportioned out so we need to add more money to this. This should be an easy thing to do but they're trying to hold it up for other requests, other additions, and pots of money that haven't even been sent out yet. I would encourage everybody in California, over $20 billion has been sent out, in New York, I think over $12 billion to small businesses, call Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi and tell them “stop holding this up.” 

VARNEY: Well, Speaker Pelosi says that the president's response to the virus is quote almost sinful, and I know that the House is in recess until May the 4th. That is three weeks away. I see this as a major problem to getting help to small business which needs it. 

MCSALLY: I agree. We could pass this. We tried last week with a few people on the Senate floor so we could practice safe practices but do it unanimously. They tried it last week and Schumer objected, so we're going to try again tomorrow. I would encourage everybody, both sides of the aisle, America has to come together on this. These small businesses need our help. Put your politics aside. Let's get more relief on the way to save these businesses and save these jobs.

VARNEY: I believe that you have sent, you and other senators sent a letter to the WHO requesting information on the role in the China cover-up. You're part of the effort to hold China accountable, aren't you?

MCSALLY: Absolutely. I’ve never trusted a communist in my life and the cover-up by the Chinese government still to their own people, to America, and to the world is costing lives, Stuart. They lied about the behavior of the virus. We still don't know the origins, the extent, and the WHO was parroting their propaganda, saying there is no human-to-human transmission, attacking President Trump for his travel ban. I called for Dr. Tedros to step down but we also need to understand what is their decision-making process and why do they appear to be complicit with the Chinese cover up for this deadly virus.


  • On April 14, Sen. McSally sent a letter to the WHO requesting information ahead of a congressional hearing to investigate the WHO’s role in helping Communist China cover up information regarding the threat of the coronavirus.
  • On April 1, Sen. McSally called for the Director-General of the World Health Organization to resign.