McSally-Led Authorization of Drought Contingency Plan Passes Senate

U.S. SENATE – Today, the U.S. Senate passed historic, bipartisan legislation to authorize the Colorado River Drought Contingency Plan (DCP), introduced by U.S. Senator Martha McSally (R-AZ).

McSally spoke on the floor of the U.S. Senate on the bipartisan cooperation among the Senators from the seven states and the overwhelming and immediate support the legislation received. On the floor, McSally asked for and received unanimous consent to pass the DCP.

“The passage of the DCP authorization today showcases how Congress should work: a large, bipartisan effort where we all sprang into action to deliver real results for Arizonans and the American people. Arizonans want to see action and results, not political games,” said McSally. “I am proud to lead my colleagues to authorize the DCP and look forward to seeing the President sign the bill into law.”

The legislation (S. 1057) introduced by McSally, authorizes the multi-state Drought Contingency Plan. It is co-sponsored by all 14 Senators from the Colorado River Basin.

Arizona Representative Raul Grijalva (D-AZ) introduced identical legislation in the U.S. House of Representatives which was passed today. The bill now heads to the President’s desk for his signature.

  CLICK HERE & HERE to download videos of McSally speaking on the floor and passing her bill.